Cruise Ship Jobs

It might be an exotic dream to work aboard a cruise liner but can be just as exhausting. Among the 300 or so liners, the minimum crew is a couple of hundred. Some liners have crews of 500 or more. However, with this many employees working together at such close range, you will get to know many people very well over a period of time this way.
There are a variety of employment opportunities on cruise ships. There are positions available in the many entertainment venues on board including singers, dancers musicians, comedians and photographers. Competition is tough because the cruise line look for only the best in their fields in order to guarantee passenger satisfaction. Positions are also found in the ship’s casinos and shops and eating facilities. These consist of waiters, waitresses, hosts, chefs, security, card dealer, slot attendants, clerks, etc. All luxury yachts need crews (marine and deck jobs) to maintain and operate the vessel, and health clubs, spas and salons are always looking for experienced staff. Openings are often found for engineers, technicians, and other crew positions.
A medical staff is also hired for the general well being of passengers and in case of emergencies. There is at least one physician and a nurse, and on some liners there are also massage and physiotherapists as part of the ship’s staff.
Basically, people in all fields can apply for marine jobs. They pay well and a vacation is an added bonus. Applying and getting the job is the toughest part. The rest is, as everyone says, a breeze.

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